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Trees as a Natural Climate Solution

There are many ways to offset your carbon usage. We believe the optimal methods involve trees — not only because people have an emotional and intuitive connection to them but also because they are a major part of the climate mitigation solution.

But trees are not always the first carbon solution that comes to mind for many companies. The National Academy of Sciences states that natural climate solutions have been overlooked by many investors, corporations, and governments even though they are the most cost-effective and scalable technologies to help slow and reverse climate change.

The top three natural climate solutions for climate mitigation potential are also the three forestry carbon credit types — reforestation, avoided conversion (also known as REDD+), and improved forest management. In fact, forests and land use have the potential to be one-third of the total climate solution by 2030 and offer significant opportunities to scale throughout the 21st century.

Climate Mitigation Potential of 20 Natural Climate Solutions

Recreated with permission.
Original Source: Bronson W. Griscom et al. PNAS 2017; 114:11645-11650

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