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What Are the Environmental Effects of Carbon Emissions?

The primary outcome of excess carbon emissions is climate change. The increased levels of carbon emissions have been tracked, and we are currently at levels not seen in the centuries of data collected.

Source: NASA

According to NASA, climate change of this rate and scale has already taken its toll. Glaciers have shrunk, the break-up of ice on waterways is happening earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted, and trees are going into full bloom earlier in the season. What we are seeing now is significant loss of sea ice, rising sea levels, and more intense droughts and floods.

If left unchecked, elevated carbon emissions will have a significant impact on several other aspects of our planet:

For more specifics and sources of information, check out the Fourth National Climate Assessment

We cannot solve the issue of climate change without restoring our forests globally.

Forests and trees are not the only way to solve complex local and global issues. However, trees may be the simplest solution.

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