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Going Beyond Neutral

Reaching carbon neutrality on a corporate level is an important goal. But once that goal is reached, your work should not be done.

Our vision is to work with our partners to create a carbon-positive future. One that reverses climate change. As a leader in the carbon-positive movement, we are challenging organizations and households alike to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit.

How can this be done? To simplify, globally we need to:

Currently, forests and trees are the most cost effective and scalable solution to remove carbon from the atmosphere, while also enhancing community resilience and improving corporate value chain security. Plus, they are life support systems that improve our water, air, biodiversity, soil, health, food production, and economy.

This is how real and meaningful change can happen for the future of our planet, improve people’s lives in a just way, and be a better way of doing business.

To learn more about how verified forestry carbon credits can be a valuable part of your corporate sustainable development plan, please contact our team at .