Trees are environmental and human health powerhouses. When planted in the right place and for the right reason, they hold the key to a healthier planet. As the world's largest nonprofit dedicated to planting trees with more than 50 years of legacy, we already know all the benefits trees and forests provide people and the planet.

But we were curious — do our fellow Americans share our understanding of trees as a natural good?

The Arbor Day Foundation’s Canopy Report is a wide-ranging study into how America sees trees.

What we uncovered was a profound affinity among Americans for trees enriching our lives, our communities, and the planet in so many ways. Developed in collaboration with The Harris Poll, one of the nation’s leading consumer research firms, the report examines Americans’ engagement with green space and their awareness of the health and climate benefits of trees. Across a variety of ages and backgrounds, the findings are interesting, surprising, fun and, in many cases, affirming.

So, dig in. We trust you’ll find the report as insightful and engaging as we did.

Key Findings

Less than half

of Americans live within walking distance of a park or green space.


of Americans believe we need to replant trees that get deforested each year.

9 in 10

say trees contribute to their mental well-being.


of Americans believe planting trees helps fight climate change.