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Our Forests In Need

Chippewa National Forest

Chippewa National Forest is located in the heart of northern Minnesota. Its shared boundary with the Leech Lake Indian Reservation offers visitors the chance to experience the rich history of the area.

Custer-Gallatin National Forest

Encompassing more than 3 million acres, Custer-Gallatin National Forest is known as one of the most ecologically diverse landscapes in the region. In the wake of five raging wildfires, the National Forest’s ponderosa pine stands are struggling to recover naturally.

Klamath National Forest

Found along the border of California and Oregon, Klamath National Forest offers a wide array of natural diversity. Multiple forest fires have taken their toll, and replanting is necessary to reestablish and protect critical habitat for threatened and endangered species.

Pike San Isabel National Forest

Pike San Isabel National Forest spans more than 1 million acres in central Colorado, providing a diverse mix of recreation as well as a water source for Denver residents. After several wildfires, the forest is in great need of replanting.