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Board of Trustees & Executive Management Team

forest over lake

Board of Trustees

  • Ray Empson
  • Dr. Scott Josiah
  • Doug Bereuter
    Immediate Past Chair
  • Preston Cole
  • Pat Covey
  • Mary Desjardins
  • Don Glendenning
  • Bill Kruidenier
  • Leah MacSwords
  • Ken Munson
  • Danielle Crumrine

Executive Management Team

  • Matt Harris
    Chief Executive
  • Dan Lambe
  • Yinka Akinyemi
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Britt Ehlers
    Vice President Development and General Counsel
  • Doug Farrar
    Vice President, Arbor Day Farm
  • Karen Houser
    Vice President, Systems
  • Woodrow Nelson
    Vice President, Marketing Communications
  • Katie Loos
    Director, Related Business Ventures and Corporate Partners