Oak, California White Quercus lobata

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Zones 7 - 11 Zones 7 - 11
Hardiness Zones 7 - 11
The California White Oak can be expected to grow in the zones shown in color in the zone map. View Map
Ornamental Tree Ornamental Tree
Type of tree
Ornamental Trees, Shade Trees
40' - 70' High 40' - 70' High
Mature Height
The California White Oak grows to be 40' - 70' feet in height.
60' Spread 60' Spread
Mature Spread
The California White Oak has a spread of about 60' at full maturity.
Fast Growth Fast Growth
Growth Rate
This tree grows at a fast growth rate. More about this.
Full Sun Full Sun
This oak does well in full sun, partial shade.
Various Soils Various Soils
The California White Oak grows in acidic, drought tolerant, loamy, moist, sandy, well drained, wide range, clay soils.
Oval Shape Oval Shape
This oak has oval, rounded shape.

The California White Oak is used by animals more than any tree in its native range for food and nesting sites. It is a good tree for restoration or as landscape specimen when grown in its zone.


This oak is native to California. It is very tolerant of drought and should not be irrigated very often once established. Be sure to keep irrigation away from the trunk as root rot can set in. It does well along streets in the western US. It is one of the tallest of the California oaks. Tolerates only slight alkalinity.

Wildlife Value

The sweet California white oak acorns are eaten by deer, squirrels, smaller rodents, and acorn woodpeckers, which not only feast upon acorns, but store them in dead trees and utility poles for use in lean years. Rather the store the acorns in cavities, the woodpeckers drill many small holes into a selected tree or pole, and insert one acorn into each hole.


The California White Oak is native to the valleys of western and central California. It is considered the king of all western oaks. It can live for 200 years or more. The wood is used for wine barrels and in the construction of steam boats.


The California White Oak does not tolerate wet soils and does very well in moist or drought conditions.


The leaves of this tree are dark green in summer and change very little in the fall.

Flower Color

The blooms are brown and unremarkable.

Bloom Time

The California White Oak blooms in March and April.

Fruit Description

The acorns are 1 1/4-21/4" long, oblong, brown, sweetish and edible.