Azalea Formosa Azalea indica 'Formosa'

Azalea Formosa - Azalea  indica 'Formosa'

A beautiful spring blooming evergreen azalea. It is a southern India variety. Large, 3" magenta flowers with a deeper blotch. Vigorous, upright grower, 6'-8' or taller with 6'+ spread. Partial shade to full sun, acidic, well drained soil. (zones 8-10).

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Zones 8 - 10 Zones 8 - 10
Hardiness Zones 8 - 10
The Azalea Formosa can be expected to grow in the zones shown in color in the zone map. View Map
Evergreen Shrub Evergreen Shrub
Type of tree
Evergreen Shrubs, Flowering Trees, Shrubs
6' - 8' High 6' - 8' High
Mature Height
The Azalea Formosa grows to be 6' - 8' feet in height.
4' - 6' Spread 4' - 6' Spread
Mature Spread
The Azalea Formosa has a spread of about 4' - 6' at full maturity.
Slow Growth Slow Growth
Growth Rate
This tree grows at a slow growth rate. More about this.
Full Sun Full Sun
This Azalea Formosa does well in full sun, partial shade.
Various Soils Various Soils

This azalea prefers acidic, moist, well drained soil, but tolerates periodic dry soil once established.

Rounded Shape Rounded Shape
This Azalea Formosa has rounded shape.

The Formosa is a beautiful southern Indica variety azalea. A vigorous spreading, evergreen shrub with an upright habit. The large, 3", vivid reddish-purple or magenta flowers with a darker blotch bloom in the spring and depending upon the location, again in the fall. It grows on the average to 8' tall. It prefers partial shade to full sun, acidic, moist, well drained soil. When established, it has some drought tolerance. This azalea is used as a mass planting, specimen, foundation, border, or hedge.


The Formosa azalea is a southern Indica variety. It is hardy, spreading evergreen shrub with an upright habit. It is a slow grower, 6'-8' or taller with slightly less of a spread. The beautiful flowers are a single, large, 3", funnel shaped, magenta color with a darker blotch. It prefers partial shade to full sun, acidic, well drained soil, and protection from the wind. It is drought tolerant when established, but will require watering during prolonged droughts. Pruning is seldom necessary, but any pruning should be done after flowering. The flower's buds are on the previous year's growth.

Wildlife Value

Attracts butterflies and bees


This azalea prefers moist soil, but once established has some drought tolerance.


Simple, alternate, 1 1/2" long, elliptic, medium green, evergreen.

Flower Color

Deep rose purple flowers with a darker accent blotch

Bloom Time

Spring, early to midseason and in some areas, spring and fall

Fruit Description

Elongated 1/2-1" hard, brown capsule, inconspicuous