Instructions for printing.

Print margins

For printing Web documents, margins are usually set from the File Menu, in the browser's Page Setup (or Print Options) dialog box. The settings must be big enough to encompass the printer's physical non-printing areas. The values you enter (in inches, cm or mm) are not an accurate reflection of the actual margins. The discrepancy varies between browsers, so set the values by trial and error.

Headers and Footers

By default browsers are set to print a header and footer. The header is usually the title of the page on the left and page x of x on the right. The footer is usually the url (address) on the left and the date on the right. You will want to turn these off.

  • Print headers/footers in Firefox
    • Use the File Menu and select Page Setup. In the Margins & Header/Footer tab, select all header & footer options to be -- blank --.
  • Print headers/footers in Internet Explorer
    • Use the File Menu and select Page Setup. To suppress headers and footers, delete the contents of the Header and Footer boxes. Type them in again to restore.
  • Print headers/footers in Opera
    • Use the File Menu and select Print Options. Toggle headers/footers on or off.

Printing options