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Juniper, Youngstown Juniperus horizontalis 'Plumosa Compacta Youngstown'

Juniper, Youngstown - Juniperus horizontalis 'Plumosa Compacta Youngstown'

A trailing beauty of superb coloring. Low, spreading branches seldom over 12 inches from the ground. Bright silvery-green. Sun or light shade. Tolerates dry soil. (zones 3-9)

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Zones 3 - 9 Zones 3 - 9
Hardiness Zones 3 - 9
The Youngstown Juniper can be expected to grow in the zones shown in color in the zone map. View Map
Evergreen Evergreen
Type of tree
Evergreens, Evergreen Shrubs, Shrubs
1' High 1' High
Mature Height
The Youngstown Juniper grows to be 1' feet in height.
2' - 8' Spread 2' - 8' Spread
Mature Spread
The Youngstown Juniper has a spread of about 2' - 8' at full maturity.
Slow to Medium Growth Slow to Medium Growth
Growth Rate
This tree grows at a slow to medium growth rate. More about this.
Full Sun Full Sun
This juniper does well in full sun, partial shade.
Various Soils Various Soils

The 'Plumosa Compacta Youngstown' tolerates hot, dry, swamp or exposed sites, and slightly alkaline, heavy, sandy, and rocky soils.

Prostrate Shape Prostrate Shape
This juniper has prostrate, spreading or horizontal shape.

A trailing beauty of superb coloring, It is valued for its adaptability to all types of planting sites. Useful for ground cover, slope plantings, foundations or in containers.


Low spreading, male, compact form of 'Plumosa', gray-green to blue-green color turning purplish to bronze in cold weather. It grows at a slow to medium rate, about 10' in ten years with deep taproots and is long lived. (zones 3-9)

Wildlife Value

Juniper berries are good wildlife food, high in vitamin C.


The creeping juniper is a North American native. This cultivar was developed by Andorra Nurseries of Philadelphia.


This juniper can withstand hot, dry as well as swampy sites.


Gray-green, glaucous, soft-textured, scale-like, 1/6" long, pressed close to the stem in 4 ranks. Foliage has a featherlike texture and turns purplish to bronze tinge in winter.

Flower Color

Inconspicuous, male is pale brown.

Bloom Time

Late May through early June

Fruit Description

Male form of creeping juniper. Creeping juniper cones are 1/4"-1/3" long, dark blue color weathering to gray.