Selecting a Healthy Tree

Good tree care starts with a healthy tree. Follow these tips and learn how to buy a tree.

What to Look for on Your New Tree

Inspecting your tree upon delivery or at the nursery will help your tree provide a lifetime of benefits.

Bare Root Seedlings Bare Root Seedlings

  • Roots should be moist & fibrous.
  • Deciduous seedlings should have roots about equal to stem length.
  • Balled & Burlapped Balled & Burlapped

  • Root ball should be firm to the touch, especially near the trunk.
  • Root ball should be adequate for the tree’s size.
  • Balled & Burlapped Potted

  • Pot should not contain large, circling roots.
  • Pruned roots cut cleanly, none wider than a finger.
  • Soil & roots joined tightly.
  • Some Extra Things to Consider When Purchasing Mature Trees

    When choosing trees for city plantings along streets and in parks, you will want to trees with fairly substantial caliper (trunk diameter).

    Mature Tree

    After a good start with good nursery stock, now it is time to learn how to plant your tree.

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