Cooperative Extension Service

Tree Health Guide

To properly diagnose a pest or disease problem begin by contacting the Cooperative Extension Service in your county or parish.

Your local Cooperative Extension agent is the best source for assistance with home gardening pest and disease questions. With the help of volunteer Master Gardeners, your County Cooperative Extension can quickly answer most inquiries about plant health care and local conditions. Extension specialists are also available to perform pest and disease diagnosis for homeowners and professionals—including certified arborists, nursery growers, landscapers, and orchardists.

However, if your local agent can’t fully answer a question, each state’s Cooperative Extension Service offer the advanced services of a Plant Disease & Pest Identification Lab. Remember to always check first with your local County Extension office about these diagnostic services. If necessary, they can assist you with the proper preparation of plant and pest samples for examination by your state lab.

State Plant Disease & Pest Identification Labs

Special note is designed to provide non-biased information to the general public with no intended endorsement of specific products, companies, or services. It is important members follow the published recommendations of their own respective State Cooperative Extension Service when considering pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide recommendations for the care of trees and shrubs. You may decide to seek an organic, Plant Health Care (PHC) or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution to your problem. Questions related to cultural practices and issues not specifically covered by should always be referred to your local Cooperative Extension office, Certified Arborist, or local Nursery Professional. Questions concerning commercial orchards or tree crops should be referred to your local Extension Service.