Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Forest Overview

Visitors to the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in northeastern Oregon and western Idaho will enjoy many landscapes, from alpine meadows and desert-like environments, to lakes, rustic homesteads and old mining sites. The Hells Canyon All-American Road Scenic Byway is a five-hour scenic tour that provides a beautiful view of the canyon country.

Over 350 species of wildlife are found in the 2.4-million-acre forest, including mule deer, Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, cougars, and bald eagle. Recreation includes skiing, fishing and swimming in the forest's many lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs, and backpacking on over 2,000 miles of hiking trails.

What We Are Doing

Fire burned approximately 4,100 acres in the forest in 2002, with approximately 80% of the burned area experiencing high to moderate severity, resulting in high loss of ponderosa pine and western larch – both native species to the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

We have planted a total of 100,000 of these species to help restore the forest’s native vegetation and speed up development of habitat for wildlife species that depend on old-growth forest. The trees will also restore streamside and riparian wetlands, improving stream bank stability to benefit fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, and aesthetic appeal.

You can help repair damage to wildlife habitats. Read about our efforts in each and restore the awe-inspiring beauty of our state and national forests.

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