Pike & San Isabel National Forests

Forest Overview

Resting on 3 million acres in central and southeast Colorado, the Pike & San Isabel National Forests offer visitors a diverse landscape, from the short grass prairies to the alpine tundra. The Windy-Ridge Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area – a unique grove of beautiful and ancient bristlecone pine trees – is located in the Pike National Forest.

Favorite features include the Garden of the Gods red rock formations, Pike’s Peak, and Seven Falls waterfall. Much of the area is still undeveloped, allowing visitors to enjoy hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and fishing in a natural environment where they may even catch a glimpse of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bear, and elk.

What We Are Doing

The Hayman Fire began June 8, 2002, and burned approximately 137,000 acres – the largest fire in Colorado’s history. The fire burned within the upper south Platte watershed, the primary water source for the city of Denver. In moderate and high intensity burn areas, 100% of the trees were lost – and, along with them, future seed sources for natural regeneration.

As part of the Hayman Fire restoration efforts, we are planting 267,500 ponderosa pine and Douglasfir trees in the Pike & San Isabel National Forests to help supply future seed sources for ponderosa pine ecosystems, reduce erosion in this critical watershed, and restore wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities.

You can help repair damage to wildlife habitats. Read about our efforts in each and restore the awe-inspiring beauty of our state and national forests.

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