Gallatin National Forest

Forest Overview

With its snow-covered mountain peaks and internationally known "blue ribbon" trout streams, the Gallatin National Forest is a popular recreation area in Montana’s Northern Rockies. Part of the Greater Yellowstone Area, the forest’s 1.8 million acres spans six mountain ranges and includes two designated Wilderness Areas in southwest Montana.

Among the wildlife making their homes in Gallatin are grizzly bears, gray wolf, Bald Eagles, and the Canada lynx.

What We Are Doing

Over the past several years, Gallatin National Forest has been hit hard with wildfires, resulting in the loss of millions of trees. In 2006 alone, nearly 247,000 acres were burned, adding to the already critical need for replanting.

In an ongoing, annual effort to restore the beauty and splendor of this grand forest, contributions through our Trees in Memory and Trees in Celebration programs are used to plant ponderosa, lodgepole and whitebark pine, Douglasfir and Englemann spruce in damaged areas. So far, more than 2 million trees have been planted. These trees are providing critical wildlife habitat and protecting soil and water supplies.

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