Fremont-Winema National Forests

Forest Overview

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a variety of natural settings in the Fremont and Winema National Forests, located on 2.3 million acres in “Oregon’s Outback.” High mountain forests and meadows and dramatic cliffs give contrast to sagebrush-covered deserts and hills, natural wetlands, and hot springs.

These forests are bordered by the Cascade Mountain Range and Crater Lake National Park on the west, and the Klamath River Basin on the east, an area known for its year-round sunshine. To the north and east, extensive stands of ponderosa and lodgepole pine grow on deep pumice and ash that blanketed the area nearly 7,000 years ago.

What We Are Doing

On July 12, 2002, a lightning storm ignited 67 fires on the Fremont National Forest. Two of these fires burned a total of 49,500 acres of national forest lands, up to the edge of the desert. Ecologically, these acres need to be returned to a tree-covered condition to prevent desert encroachment, and planting is also necessary to restore forest areas at high elevations.

We are planting 200,000 ponderosa pine in these burned areas to help prevent desert intrusion into the forest, contribute to the upland restoration of the watershed, reduce erosion, and improve wildlife habitat in burned out areas.

You can help repair damage to wildlife habitats. Read about our efforts in each and restore the awe-inspiring beauty of our state and national forests.

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