Volunteer Tree Planting

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They have been called Good Samaritans, do-gooders, points of lights and other names that reflect the admiration of their fellow citizens mingled with a bit of puzzlement.

By whatever name, volunteers are essential for getting things done in America.

Partnerships often include other volunteer groups, schools, businesses and utilities. Pooling talent, ideas, workers and financial resources expands the feeling of “ownership” and responsibility for community trees. Volunteers range from the individual property owner that plants a tree to large, well-organized groups like Los Angeles' TreePeople or Seattle's PlantAmnesty.

Volunteer groups range from the tree boards in tiny Calvin, North Dakota and the neighborhood associations in Chicago and Boston.

These groups are the heart and soul of tree planting in America, contributing to a better tomorrow, by playing a major part of street tree maintenance in the urban forest.

They come together for many reasons: to learn, to act upon their convictions, to fulfill a sense of public duty, are a few of these reasons. They take away pride, ownership in their community and it's welfare, and friendship.

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