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Trenching and Tunneling: A Pocket Guide for Qualified Utility Workers

This handy (4 x 6 in.) reference is designed for qualified utility workers who are excavating and working around trees. Lawn maintenance personnel, landscapers, and homeowners may also benefit from reading this guide.

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Two-Video Set

  1. Trenching and Tunneling: A Video Guide for Excavating Around Trees

    This video focuses on the potential danger that underground construction poses to trees when done without proper planning. The video demonstrates the basic principles of trenching and tunneling around trees and discusses facts and fallacies about a tree's root zone. Also included is information about how utility underground construction and collateral damage from equipment affect a tree root's ability to function. Using live video and computer-animation techniques, the training program presents options in underground construction, such a routing trenching paths around vulnerable root zones and tunneling below the roots. Basic guidelines for protecting a tree's trunk and root zone are presented as viable methods for reducing the impact of underground construction. The video concludes with proper follow-up care for trees affected by trenching and tunneling. Total runtime: 17 minutes

  2. Utility Pruning: A Video Guide for Pruning Near Utility Conductors

    This training program emphasizes proper techniques for pruning near utility conductors to increase safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Examples are shown of improper line clearance pruning, severe watersprout growth, limb interference with conductors, and dead or dying trees. The narration explains that certain clearance methods, while quick and easy, result in problems that require time and resources that are better utilized elsewhere. Proper tools and their use are described and shown in application, and correct techniques are demonstrated. Safety is accentuated — viewers are reminded that OSHA and ANSI safety standards should be followed at all times. Total runtime: 17 minutes

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Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines by Alex Shigo

This handy (4 x 6 in.) reference manual is designed for qualified utility line clearance workers. 34 pages.

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