Benefits of the Tree City USA Program

Small towns, boroughs and townships, big cities, villages and military installations have seen the benefits of participation in the Tree City USA program. Whether it's creating a foundation for tree care or expanding an innovative community tree program or project, the benefits are numerous:

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Board Room Framework for Action

The four core standards for becoming a Tree City USA provide the framework and direction for the strategic management of community trees. Many communities use Tree City USA standards as a way to begin caring for the urban forest. Others regularly enhance their management through improved ordinances, innovative programs and increased emphasis on planting and tree care.

Footpath Education

Annual participation as a Tree City USA community provides the opportunity to educate people who care about their community about the value of tree resources, the importance of sustainable tree management and engage individuals and organizations in advancing tree planting and care across the urban forest. Tree City USA status can create a strong working relationship with your state forestry agency and other conservation groups.

Public Image and Community Pride Public Image and Community Pride

Participation in the Tree City USA program helps residents feel good about the place they live and work. Annual recognition shows visitors and prospective residents that trees, conservation and the environment are an important part of life in the community.
Pride in public trees also leads to more engaged residents and better care for new and existing trees on private property.

Publicity Publicity

Tree City USA participation presents an opportunity to educate the public about your community's urban forestry program and showcase the benefits of community trees. Recognition can also generate interest from other organizations and communities that aren't yet managing their trees as well as they might. As one forester put it, "This is advertising that money can't buy — and it is free!"

Tree boards, parks departments, public works officials and volunteers, alike, are recognized for the valuable work they provide to the community through sustainable tree management. Many communities share in their Tree City USA recognition across city departments, elected officials, volunteers, students and business leaders.