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Bulletin #17: How to Landscape to Save Water


In recent years dozens of books have been published about landscaping and water conservation.

  • Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates
    by Robert Kourik

    This 128-page book is possibly the best there is on drip irrigation. It is an excellent reference for both the homeowner and the professional. It covers all aspects of drip irrigation including what equipment you will need, how to design an effective system, how to install it, and how much water to use. Available from Metamorphic Press at 707-874-2606 or online.

Online Publications

  • Connecticut Native Tree and Shrub and Availability List

    Although not directly addressed to water conservation, this online publication and others listed at Connecticut College’s web site present good ideas for residents of the eastern United States about selecting plant materials. view this publication at their website.

  • Water Right–Conserving Our Water, Preserving Our Environment

    This 64-page award-winning book provides comprehensive treatment of the water problem and ideas for conserving water while still maintaining a green landscape. It is available free in downloadable format or in hard copy by contacting Turfgrass Producers International at 847-649-5555.

  • Desert Southwest Community Tree Guide

    In the dry southwest, planting trees that yield more benefits than costs is always a challenge. This 81-page publication is the result of considerable research into the costs and benefits of various sized trees and how they are used in the landscape. A helpful selection matrix is included. This is a publication of the USDA Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research. You can read it online or download it from here.

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