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Bulletin #14: How to Kill a Tree

Understandably, not many publications are printed to inform people how to kill trees! To order more of this tongue-in-cheek issue for distribution, visit the order page.

Poster Available

The International Society of Arboriculture has a colorful, 18" x 22" poster available with the title, “How to Kill a Tree,” The poster illustrates many of the malpractices that affect trees and that should be available. For ordering information, phone 888-ISA-TREE or visit

Booklets and More

There are many helpful booklets on the positive side of tree care. Some that address some common problems inflicted upon trees are:

  • Trenching and Tunneling Near Trees

    This is a 32-page, illustrated booklet that clearly shows how to save trees when installing underground utilities or excavating near tree roots. Although it is directed primarily to utility workers and other professionals, anyone who trenches near trees should have this booklet. Available for $3.00 at this site.

  • Tree Tips is a little booklet used in New York City to alert homeowners to the need for preventing tree damage after planting. In addition to many well-illustrated tips about planting and tree care, there is an attractive section to help readers learn the names of common street trees.

  • Street Tree & Plaza Tree Maintenance is another concise leaflet with information directed more toward commercial and residential building managers.

Trees New York has also produced a downloadable sign in PDF form–“Dog Urine Kills Trees!”

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