Tree City USA Bulletin Archive

#38: The Way Trees Work

How trees live and grow is a fascinating subject that some people pursue for a lifetime. But by knowing even a few basics, it is possible to better… Topics: roots, soil, pruning,

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#39: Putting Trees to Work

Opportunities abound for putting trees to work, resulting in cost savings and increased public safety as well as a more pleasant living environment.… Topics: soil, energy, water, wildlife, children,

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#52: Making Good Use of Small Spaces

As open space in our communities becomes crowded with buildings, roads, and parking lots, the need to wisely use even the smallest of spaces grows m… Topics: water, soil, children, volunteers,

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#53: What Tree Is That—and Why?

No matter where you live in the United States, trees are your neighbors. This bulletin is about the common trees that are encountered in our communi… Topics: youth, soil,

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#55: How Trees Can Retain Stormwater Runoff

One of the most overlooked and underappreciated services of trees is their ability to reduce the volume of water rushing through gutters and pipes f… Topics: water, roots, soil, laws,

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