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#25: Tree Line USA

Trees need not be brutalized or destroyed to allow the safe and dependable delivery of utility services. Tree Line USA is a program of the Arbor Da… Topics: energy, pruning, public relations, training,

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#30: Ten Tree Myths to Think About

Community foresters and tree board members encounter many myths that affect the management of trees. These myths form a barrier to better community… Topics: pruning, roots, water,

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#37: Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care -- known in the industry as PHC -- is a systematic approach to the care of trees and other landscape plants that can save you mone… Topics: pests, wildlife,

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#38: The Way Trees Work

How trees live and grow is a fascinating subject that some people pursue for a lifetime. But by knowing even a few basics, it is possible to better… Topics: roots, soil, pruning,

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#41: Reduce Wildfire Risk

The annual loss of homes destroyed by wildfire would lessen if more people were aware that no area of the country is immune to these disasters, that… Topics: fire, safety, right tree, pruning,

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#51: Trees and Safety

There are few trees that do not require at least occasional pruning or other work. This bulletin presents some key tips to ensure that the work you … Topics: safety, pruning, training,

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#66: Not Your Father's Arboriculture

From pruning saws to lift machinery, today's arborists and urban foresters have tools available to them that would make their forefathers green with… Topics: inventories, planting, pruning, pests,

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