Sources for More Information

Bulletin #11: How to Prevent Tree & Sign Conflicts

For anyone involved with sign issues, there is considerable help available online.

Scenic America

The best starting point for additional information and assistance may be the Web site of Scenic America. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the visual character of America's communities and countryside. Its motto is: “Change is inevitable. Ugliness is not.”

Publications and digital materials available through Scenic America include:

  • Aesthetics, Community Character and the Law
  • Fighting Billboard Blight: An Action Guide for Citizens and Public Officials
  • Scenic Solutions: Designs and Methods to Save America the Beautiful

American Planning Association

Another excellent source of information about making signs compatible with trees and community aesthetics is the American Planning Association. In particular, the following Planning Advisory Service Reports, are valuable.

  • Smart Growth
  • Street Graphics and the Law
  • Aesthetics and Land Use Controls
  • Appearance Codes for Small Communities
  • Planning and the Urban Forest

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