What Kids Can do to Help...

Marveling at the wonders of Nature

Read and learn more about the Rain forest (How To). Take a virtual tour of the Rain Forest, come see the sights! Click here.

Write to your local TV and Radio stations (How To) and ask them to play the Rain Forest Rescue public service announcement. Thank them when they do!
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See if you can find all 14 of our Rain Forest residents and read many fascinating facts about them! Click Here

Recycling helps the rain forest as well. Some of the aluminum used to make new cans and other products comes from bauxite mined in tropical rain forest countries. If we use fewer new cans, we disturb fewer trees to mine the bauxite. Recycling aluminum cans is an important conservation step you can take today.

Your help will make a difference!

The threat to Earth's rain forests is large. In May 2005, the government of Brazil released figures showing deforestation in the Amazon rain forest reached 10,088 square miles (26,129 square kilometers) for the year ending August 2004. Deforestation in the Amazon in 2004 was the second worst ever as rain forest was cleared for cattle ranches and soy farms.