Disaster Recovery Program

Photo by USACE Public Affairs

Trees are an essential part of each community.

They play a quiet, but critical role in improving quality of life for citizens by cleaning the air we breathe and the water we drink, shading our homes and parks, and framing the beautiful boulevards and neighborhoods we call home.

Unfortunately, every year, natural disasters strike communities and create dramatic loss of trees, weakening the community’s environmental sustainability, economy, and sense of place.

The Arbor Day Foundation is developing a new nationwide program to assist community tree restoration efforts.

Bringing Life Back

After tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, fire, and other natural disasters, there are often dramatic visual reminders of devastation to property and community infrastructure. Community recovery efforts begin with home and health - rebuilding the most basic human necessities. Soon after, the conversation begins about trees.

The Disaster Recovery Program is a systematic response to disasters in communities across the nation. In coordination and cooperation with key state and local partners, the Arbor Day Foundation facilitates the distribution of trees to citizens in communities in need.