Wells Fargo & the Arbor Day Foundation

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In 2009, Wells Fargo worked with the Arbor Day Foundation to support the planting of 9,825 trees.

2009 - Plumas National Forest

Plumas National Forest

In 2009, the U.S. Forest Service, with the help of Arbor Day Foundation and Warranty Solutions, planted over 9,825 trees in Plumas National Forest.

Forest Overview

The magnificence of Plumas National Forest spans more than 1 million acres of northern California in the Northern Sierra Nevada. Its fresh air and majestic views draw urban and rural visitors seeking nature’s serenity.

A series of lightning strikes triggered the Antelope Complex Fire on July 5, 2007, which burned nearly 23,000 acres of Plumas’ timber in less than a week. The Moonlight Fire struck just two months later, destroying 65,000 forest acres and requiring more than three weeks to contain.

In the spring of 2009, Douglas fir, red and white firs, and incense cedars were planted alongside ponderosa pine, sugar pine, and Jeffrey pine trees.

These new trees will help prevent soot and soil runoff into Plumas’ precious water supplies. And, as they grow, they will help reestablish vital habitat, restore the watershed that supplies many of California’s citizens, and contribute to a better environment for us all.