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Celebrate Oregon Arbor Week

This year, Arbor Week is April 7 – 13

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Celebrate Oregon Arbor Week - 1st Week in April

Oregon is a “tree” state. We have diverse forests and beautiful trees. In fact, Oregon has some of the most productive forests and is home to some of the largest trees in the world. We place a high value on the importance that trees play in our quality of life by providing habitat for wildlife, products that we all use, clean air and water and all of the other wonderful things that trees do. For that reason, Oregonians celebrate an entire Arbor Week. We invite you to celebrate the importance of trees in your life.

These pages will provide you with information about Oregon Arbor Week including a calendar of events, suggested activities and links to organizations that offer more information about trees and forests in the state.

What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is America’s National Tree Holiday, the day we set aside to plant ceremonial trees, educate children and adults about the importance of trees, and honor the important role trees play in our daily lives.

All 50 states celebrate Arbor Day although the dates may vary in keeping with the local climate. At the federal level, in 1970, President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday in April as National Arbor Day.

Additional information on Arbor Day can be found elsewhere on this Arbor Day Foundation website including a more extensive history of Arbor Day, a complete list of all state Arbor Day celebrations, a list of state trees (Oregon's is the Douglas-fir) and a variety of other notable tree facts, figures, and advice.

So then what is Oregon Arbor Week?

Well, in Oregon we like to be different, so we set aside an entire week to honor trees. The Oregon State Legislature has decreed that the first full week of April shall be designated as Arbor Week. The Oregon Revised Statutes read:

Section 336.015 Arbor Week.

  1. 1. The first full week in April shall be known as Arbor Week. In order that pupils in the public schools shall be made better aware of the benefits of the preservation and perpetuation of forests and the growing of timber and of the environment, the district school board shall cause to be conducted, during school hours, activities which tend to encourage the planting, protection and preservation of trees and shrubs and a greater understanding of the environment and means for preserving and improving it.
  2. The Superintendent of Public Instruction, with the approval of the State Board of Education and with the technical assistance of the State Forester, may prescribe and alter a schedule of activities and instruction to be observed during Arbor Week.
  3. The State Forester or person in charge of the state tree nurseries may release for use by schools upon application thereof seedlings that would otherwise be destroyed. [Formerly 336.350; 1971 c.83 s.1; 1983 c.158 s.1]

Whether you choose the last Friday in April or the first full week of April trees are worth celebrating.

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